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Closed Cell Foam and Latex Mattresses in Different Thicknesses,Fabrics, and Degrees of Support

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Different Mattresses


Different People

Different Body Types

Different Preferences


Pressure Relief

Our unique closed cell foam provides true adaptive support with zero pressure points. Where greater support is prefered we offer our luxury Latex mattresses.


Our Closed Cell Foam provides cellular support that keeps you from sinking by displacement of air through open pores in normal open cell foam.

Cool Sleeping

Closed Cell Foam transfers heat faster, and Our fabrics contain organic Tencel that wicks away moisture.

What is Latex Foam?

The Latex mattress is one of the most durable and longest lasting one you will find. The highly responsive support with the elastomeric pushback makes it a natural for people with active lifestyles consisting of kids, pets, and etc… bouncing on the bed. Our 11" Cirrus latex mattress also provides a firmer support to accommodate heavier weights or special needs for additional back support.

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What is Closed Cell Foam?

The Closed Cell Foam mattress core provides a unique feel. Our mattresses are different than just common foam or various gel infused memory foams. Rather than sinking though an open cell foam until underlying base support is reached, the closed cell structure provides an air flotation with equal weight distribution over the entire torso. In other words… you truly get a feeling of "sleeping on a cloud".

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There are three beautiful fabric patterns to choose from. Our standard is the Plush Fabric, but the Brocade is available for traditional preferences, and the Swirl is available for Contemporary and Commercial preferences.


Plush The top of the line design with raised pattern and finer thread count to create an enhanced silky touch..


Swirl Composed of a higher number of thinner threads to create a silky, soft touch. Popular with contemporary and commercial installations.


Brocade A durable heavy weight fabric for International and traditional preferences incorporating organic Tencel Fiber (from eucalyptus trees) designed to wick away moisture for cool and comfortable sleep.