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Jesse Jones


Have you ever had back problems or a rough night’s sleep? I most certainly have. Several years ago, I started experiencing back problems that worsened when sleeping on conventional mattresses that didn’t provide uniform support. In fact it wasn’t until the opportunity to start Cloud 9 arrived, that I became determined to find a better sleep solution. A solution that is exceptionally comfortable, provides a superior True Adaptive Support system, and is reasonably affordable so that everyone can experience a truly luxurious night’s sleep.

Jesse holds an MBA from Harvard and has successfully managed a number of high grow and turnaround companies in the USA and Internationally.

Wouldn’t you love to actually feel like you’re on Cloud 9 every time you go to bed? I mean who doesn’t love a great night’s sleep? That’s actually something that I’m very passionate about, and so much so that I want to share what that feels like with the world. Cloud 9 not only describes our mattresses but it truly is what you will feel after resting on them. I had my friends and family try out our mattresses, and had to peel them off the bed, LOL. I’m extremely excited to bring our mattresses to you and am proud of the detail, quality and functionality of our design, which is truly unique.

Lizanne has an academic background in Business, Economics, Media and Performing Arts. She has traveled extensively throughout Asia and Europe before making California her home.


lizanne rebello