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  1. What types of mattresses are produced by Cloud 9?

    Cloud 9 produces two basic types of mattresses. The first is based on closed cell foam and the second is based on latex. Both are extremely comfortable, but they have very different and unique characteristics. The mattresses are available in three different fabrics with the Brocade and Plush collections intended for the consumer markets and the Swirl pattern intended primarily for the commercial market. In addition we produce mattresses in three different thicknesses.

    Both our closed cell and latex types are designed for comfort, but we recognize the differences in preference and use and want to make sure that we provide the information needed for you to select the most appropriate option considering your usage patterns, firmness preferences, body weight, and temperature considerations.

  2. Is the Closed Cell or Latex version or a better choice for me?

    Where the primary objective is peaceful and pressure free sleep (as appropriate for sleeping on Cloud 9), the closed cell product provides a luxurious feeling typically only found in much more expensive mattresses. The closed cell foam is also more favored with lighter body weights (200 lbs. and lighter) and where the preference is for a soft luxurious feeling.

    For more active lifestyles, (for example in families with children, dogs, and whatever bounding around on the bed), latex provides a favored resilience almost like a spring. Latex has a somewhat firmer feeling. At body weights under 150 lbs. it will not provide the softness found in the closed cell product, but as body weights increase it provides a good support feeling for higher body weights or with bounding loads. Our latex would also be favored by those seeking a firmer mattress or in areas of higher temperature. The latex product also may be more appropriate to warm climates or where cultural preferences exist for firmer mattresses.

    Latex is also a premium full organic product not typically found as a full primary active layer in the price competitive bed in a box market

  3. What is the difference in closed cell and latex foam?

    Both are very comfortable, however they feel very different. The closed cell foam accommodates loads to provide a zero pressure point support. In contrast, latex has an elastomeric resilience that tends to always push back to its original shape under shifting loads.

    Closed cell foam has a very soft feel in localized areas, but it is firmer under broad loads due to the tendency to compress air in the closed cell structure. Latex feels firmer in localized areas due to the elastomeric structure that constantly tries to push back to its original shape.

    The Cloud 9 closed cell foam provides true adaptive support to broad loads while accommodating displacement for high loads in localized areas such as the shoulder blade and hips. The closed cell foam provides adaptive support by tending to compress air in the closed cells as loads are applied.

    The closed cell foam of Cloud 9 is a urethane based foam in a unique closed cell structure. In contrast, Latex is an organic product. Both are higher cost products than foams used by other bed in a box manufacturers.

  4. Why is Cloud 9 product more comfortable?

    Cloud 9 has chosen materials based on quality and performance rather than cost. In addition we have put a full 3 inches of our primary active layer in both our 6 and 8 inch mattresses, and six inches of the primary active layers in our 11 inch mattress. Most bed in a box manufactures will have only lower cost open cell foams, and any use of latex is typically in thinner sections than found in Cloud 9 product.

    Most bed in a box brands use normal, memory, or gel infused memory foam that does not provide true adaptive support or have elastomeric characteristics of latex, as they just allow air to escape thorough the open cell structure of the open cell structure of the foam that under magnification looks and acts like a kitchen sponge.

    Latex has been the traditional premium material in the bedding industry. Most product in the bed in a box products do not use latex due to its higher cost, and where used it is typically less than the full three inches present in the Cloud 9 latex product

  5. Why is the latex mattress more expensive?

    Latex is a full organic product typically used only in luxury products. It also costs more to ship due to a heavier weight than foam based products. It has a higher cost than closed cell foam also offered by Cloud 9 and the even cheaper foam types used by other bed in a box manufacturers. A few bed in a box manufactures also have latex options, but typically these are thinner layers and therefore only marginally effective.

  6. Will I be hotter sleeping on closed cell foam?

    No. The heat transfer coefficient of the Cloud 9 closed cell product is higher than open cell foams used by other manufacturers. Open cell manufacturers talk about breathability of their foam. However when you lie down on conventional open cell foams they just exhale air as load is applied, With the open cell foam you have a mattress consisting of stagnant air. Consider that after a vacuum, air is one of the poorest heat transfer materials.

  7. Why is Cloud 9 closed cell foam more hygienic?

    The closed cell structure of Cloud 9 resists absorption of humidity or various types of bodily or other fluids. In contrast open cell foam is like a kitchen sponge that is designed to hold fluids in its open cell structure.

  8. What is the ILD of the primary active core of Cloud 9 mattresses.

    The ILD of latex used by Cloud 9 is 24, which we believe provides a good balance of comfort and firmness. Latex foam is typically found with ILD’s that range from to .

    The ILD of the closed cell form used by Cloud 9 is __. This is not a generally comparative number to other foam products, since the deflection of Cloud 9 closed cell foam is in part due to air compression within the cells when broad loads are applied. However the relatively low number represents a superior ability to accommodate high loads in selected areas (shoulder blade, elbows, etc).

  9. What does ILD mean?

    LD stands for Indentation Load Deflection. In simple terms it is a measurement of how hard or soft a foam is. In more accurate terms it's the number of pounds of pressure required to indent 4" of foam by 25% using a 50 square inch indentation. You may also see it referred to as the 25% ILD rating.

  10. Are Cloud 9 mattresses really USA origin?

    Cloud 9 mattresses are fabricated in California. The internal closed cell foam and latex used for the cores are from USA sources. In addition the fabrics used for the top, bottom and side panels are all made in the USA. At present we obtain part of the pin striping from overseas sources, until suitable domestic sources can be located. With our primary intended market to be for sale in the United States, we want to be a responsible party contributing to the employment of its residents, most of which are citizens of the United States.

  11. What are the dimensions of your beds?

    Our beds are made in 6, 8 and 11 inch heights. The standard USA and Canada sizes are as follows.

    • Twin Size Mattress 38" x 75"
    • Twin XL Mattress 38" x 80"
    • Full Size Mattress 54" x 75"
    • Queen Size Mattress 60" x 80"
    • King Size Mattress 76" x 80"
    • California King Size Mattress 72" x 84"

    We also offer mattresses in size standards for other countries including Mexico, Europe and other parts of the world. Until these are displayed on our web site please call or email us at 949-242-2722 or and indicate the size standard needed for your region.

  12. Are your mattresses flame retardant?

    Our mattresses are all flame retardant. The FR sock on the inner core is inherently FR without the use of topical chemical treatments. During the fiber (FR) and yarn formation process technology is engineered into the product that provides FR capability with an Oeko-Tex certificate on our knit socks.

    Flame retardant knit products (inside mattress cover) made from a combination of modacrylic, polyester, FR viscose (rayon), nylon, continuous filament silica and cotton, in raw white and light blue, including sewing thread made from the same compnents in raw white, finished with biological active products accepted by Oeko-Tex.

    The results of the inspection made according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, product class have shown that the above mentioned goods meet the human-ecological requirements of the standard presently established for baby articles.

  13. What kind of sheets will fit a Cloud 9 mattress?

    The 8 and 11 inch thick mattresses are within typical industry standards, and you will find ready availability of appropriately sized sheets (with fitted bottoms) designed to fit mattresses with these thicknesses. The 6 inch mattress is a specialty product, for which fitted sheets are also available from a variety of sources such as Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, and others. Also, we will be progressively adding sheets to this web site for your shopping convenience.

  14. What are the internal differences in the 6 8 and 11 inch thick mattresses?

    The 8 and 6 inch thick mattresses each have three inches of the primary active core material (closed cell or latex) on top, with a bottom foundation layer of either 5 or 3 inches, respectively.

    The 11 inch thick mattress has two three inch active layers on top with a lower 5 inch layer of foundation urethane foam. The 11 inch mattress standard version has 3 inches of closed cell foam on the top, plus 3 inches latex in the middle and a 5 inch foundation layer on the bottom. The HD version of the 11 inch mattress has the 3 inch latex layer on the top, with 3 inches of closed cell foam in the middle and 5 inches of foundation urethane foam on the bottom. The two versions of the 11 inch mattress just revese the order of the top two layers to create a different feeling.

  15. What are the exact components used in Cloud 9 Mattresses?

    Cloud 9 mattresses have a knitted polyester fabric for top and bottom. The top fabric includes Tencel for cooling and comfort and elastomeric components to provide a stretchable fabric. The Plush and Swirl collections are also based on high definition fabric incorporating finer fibers for a lustrous feel and sheen.

  16. Which mattress thickness should I purchase?

    If you are planning to use the new mattress with existing foundation, frame, or headboard, check first on the height of your existing mattress and consider the implications of having a different height mattress.

    Except for consideration of wide differences in body weight, all our mattresses are designed to provide equivalent comfort with consideration of different usage patterns for closed cell and latex.

    Our 8 inch mattresses are designed to provide better comfort than any thickness open cell products offered by our competitors. This is due to the type of active cores we use and the fact that we don’t skimp on the thickness of the active core material.

    Our 11 inch product is designed to provide an ultimate product offering the best of all worlds by incorporating both of our active core materials in two different sequences designed to optimize for peaceful sleep or an active lifestyle.The 6 inch thickness is a product designed for three different specialty applications in including (1.) Adjustable beds with frequent tight bends; (2.) Economical high quality mattresses for children, and (3.) Situations where frequent portability is important (moveable beds, mats, etc…)

    The 6 inch thick mattress is an optimum product for adjustable beds where the mattress is frequently bent in sharp angles. Our core materials permit utilization in this fashion without bottoming out as occurs with open cell foam products offered by others

  17. Do I need to get anything for the mattress to lay on?

    The Cloud 9 mattresses only needs a flat surface which can be a floor, platform, box spring, or foundation. With foundations, any slats should preferably be closer than 4 inches between each slat for proper support. Close proximity of slats is relatively more important in the thinner mattresses.

  18. What frames and foundations are recommended?

    The Cloud 9 mattress is compatible with all known frames and foundations. For you convenience we will be adding frames and foundations to our web site shortly. In the event you do not already have a suitable foundation our web site will offer a range of foundations with color coordinated fabric borders for our respective mattress collections.

  19. How high are the foundations?

    Our foundations are available in both 5 and 8 inch height versions. Selected versions of the foundations also include the ability to install 4 inch tall legs.

  20. What types of foundations do you offer?

    We offer three types of KD (Knock down) foundations for mattresses. These will be added to our web site shortly, please call (949) 242-2727 or email ( if you need to get a foundation before we have them posted on our web site.

    Our best KD foundation is super easy and quick to assemble with pre-upholstered sideboards. We also have conventional foundations in standard and heavy-duty versions with matching slip covers. The covers are available in natural white, gray, black or tan to color coordinate with our mattresses. The upholstered premium and heavy-duty products support optional legs. In situations where you want to attach the headboard, it is easiest to mount the foundations in bed frames with appropriate rugged attachment points for the headboards.

    Cloud 9 Foundations are made of high quality North American Spruce providing a durable platform style support system.

  21. What height foundation do I need to fit my bed skirt?

    Most bed skirts are 15 inch high. Therefore we typically recommend the 8 inch foundation with standard 7 inch high rails.

  22. Does the cloud 9 mattress work on an adjustable bed frame?

    Our mattress works great on adjustable bed frames. Due to the high level of adaptive support in both our closed cell and latex versions, we are able to produce mattress with full comfort starting in the 6 inch thickness for body weights up to the 185 pound range. Where heavier weight exists or a thicker mattress is desired, our 8 inch mattress also works well on adjustable beds.

    We generally do not recommend and 10 or 11 inch mattress on an adjustable bed, due to the high stress levels in the mattress that occur with repeated tight bending.

  23. What type of adjustable bases do you feature?

    Our featured adjustable base is the top of the line adjustable base manufactured by Leggett and Platt. It incorporates all of the features offered in a broad line of adjustable bases by Leggett and Platt. We chose Leggett and Platt for this product line for several reasons. It is a high quality design made in America. Leggett and Platt also has its own white glove delivery service for this product and they will do the complete setup of your new bed assembly with mattress plus haul away the old mattress and related items for $395. This adjustable bed assembly weighs 265 lbs., so this is not a do-it-yourself installation and the installation fee is a good value considering the size of the product and the setup time required.

    Leggett and Platt stands behind their product in contrast to a range of imported products for which any internet search will reveal many problems that go unresolved for long periods of time. Leggett and Platt has on call warranty support 6 days per week. Call (800) 888-3078 (MON - FRI: 8am – 8pm EST, SAT: 8am – 3pm EST).

  24. What if the adjustable base will not fit into your room.

    Please measure the widths of your doorways, hallways, and stairwells before ordering to make sure Leggett and Platt will be able to bring your adjustable base and companion mattress will fit into your home. If the dimensions are too narrow, we will return the base and mattress to our facilities and provide a refund, less the delivery fee and/or other freight costs incurred.

  25. Do you offer turnkey delivery?

    We have a standard white glove delivery and haul away service available with our American made adjustable bed assembly at a price of $395. With this service we ship the mattress separately and the installation includes not only the installation and setup of the Adjustable bed, but also installation of the new mattress and removal of replaced items.

    In most cases unpacking and setup of the new mattress will not require assistance. Our mattress boxes are all 45 inches with length and width ranging from 14 through 18.5 inches depending on the mattress size. The weights vary from around 45 pounds to 100 pounds for the closed cell foam mattress, but they are around 20% heavier with the latex versions of the 6 and 8 inch mattresses.

    In the event you need professional assistance to unpack and install the new mattress and remove any old mattress and related items, please call us for assistance so that we can seek to arrange a delivery service partner to assist at a reasonable price.

  26. How can I get a bed larger than a twin size into a room that has restricted access due to a narrow staircase or other access restrictions?

    No problem. Our mattresses all come in boxes only 45 inches long and maximum of 18.5 inches in length and width. WE also offer both standard and quick assembly foundations that also come in a KD package. We will be putting the foundation options on our web site shortly, but if you need this information now, please call 949-242-2727 or email and we will get you the information needed to select the appropriate foundation.

  27. How long will it take my mattress to arrive?

    Once you've placed your order, your mattress will arrive in about 3-5 business days. We ship via UPS Ground and deliver Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Upon shipping, we'll send you an email with your UPS tracking information so you can stay up to date on your shipment. Deliveries to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada can take up to 10 business days to arrive.

  28. What can I do if the mattress gets dirty or stained by liquid?

    The mattress cover can be cleaned by standard cleaning supplies for fabrics, however if a more major incident occurs, we will can sell you a replacement zipper cover at a reasonable cost to help you preserver the 7value in you mattress. We HIGHLY recommend that you purchase one of our mattress protectors if you do not already have one, as it can preserve your investment in the mattress.

  29. Do I have to keep the original box, for possible future return?

    There's no need to keep the original box. After the mattress is out of the box and uncompressed it is impossible to get it back into the box.

  30. How do I return my mattress?

    Contact us and we will work with you to arrange for a pickup and preferably a donation to a local charity or non-profit. These organizations need products that are un-soiled and in suitable condition for charitable use.

    Once your mattress is picked up, upload or email us a scanned or photographed copy of your donation receipt and we'll process your refund for your net cost of the mattress. The refund does not include any installation services than may have been provided upon request, or delivery sur-charges that may apply on deliveries outside the continental 48 states of the USA.

    If a suitable nearby charity is not found, we will seek to have the product promptly picked up by a 3rd party free of charge and process your return with documentation the same as with pickup by a charitable institution.

    Please note that if you return a product under our 100-day Sleep Trial that we originally shipped to an address outside the continental 48 states of the USA, we will be unable to refund the added shipping fees and possible duties that you paid for the original delivery.

    Please note that if you purchased form Amazon, their return policy may be a bit different. For more information on the Amazon return policy click here

  31. How is the return process different fit I ordered through Amazon?

    The return process works a bit differently if you ordered your mattress via Amazon. To start a return for your mattress, call Amazon Customer Service at 866-216-1072 and ask for the Special Handling Department. Amazon will help schedule a removal or arrange return shipping. If you encounter any problems in completing the process with Amazon, please call us for assistance.

  32. Do you carry any frames or furniture pictured on your site?

    WE are a new company and our first priority is to develop our line of mattresses. We will be progressively adding linens, frames, foundations, and other categories of bedroom related items.

    The web site includes some items that we will be adding, but this is not expected to include tables or lamps as shown in various pictures on this web site.

  33. What is the 100 day sleep trial?

    We offer the standard 100 day sleep trial comparable to most mattress manufacturers. If within that period you find that the mattress is not right for you, we will assist in your return/donation process and provide a full refund of your net mattress cost exclusive of delivery costs beyond the continental 48 states.

    If your return in this 100 day period is for some other reason than suitability, such as fire, flood, or accident -- call us. We want you to have good value and usage with your product irrespective of uncontrollable incidents, and will seek to provide assistance on a case by case basis.

  34. Do you offer financing?

    At this time, we do not generally offer financing, however we have a number of special programs that may be of assistance. Contact us if you would like to explore these options... We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Pay Pal, or verified checks.

  35. Do I need to be home to sign for my mattress?

    We ship all of our mattresses through UPS Ground, which typically means if you are not home at the time of delivery, the driver will leave it right at your front door or wherever large packages are usually left. Leaving the mattress is at the driver’s discretion, so in some locations, they may not leave the mattress so they can safely re-deliver it the next business day.

    We do not have any signature restrictions to receive the mattress unless you’re shipping to a place of business, in which case someone will need to sign for the box. If you’d like to require a signature for a home delivery, we can arrange if you request.

    Please note that if you live in an apartment building or walk-up or have any special instructions for the driver, you’re more than welcome to contact UPS personally at 1-800-742-5877 once your tracking number goes live, or you can call us at 949-242-2727 or email for assistance.

  36. I need to make changes. How can I update my order?

    If you need to make an adjustment to your address, phone number, email address or anything else included in your order call us at 949-242-2727 or send us an email at

  37. What is a mattress ILD?

    ILD stand for Indentation Load Deflection. This is the number of pounds of pressure required to indent 4 inches of foam by 25% using a 50 square inch indentation. Our standard Latex mattresses are based on a 24 ILD, and our Closed Cell mattresses have a lower ILD rating. The unique properties of the Closed Cell product provides a flotation effect with zero pressure points.

  38. Adjustable Base Bed - Height

    We offer a range of Adjustable Bed Bases all produced by Leggett and Platt in the USA. Our premium model has a 15” tall base with a standard leg height of 7”. The legs are adjustable from 6” to 10”, for available heights from 14” to 18”.

  39. Adjustable Bed Base - Measurements

    • Twin – 38” x 75”
    • Twin XL – 38” x 80”
    • Full – 54” x 75”
    • Queen – 60” x 80”
    • King – 76” x 80” (comes as 2 pieces, so it may be split if desired)
    • California King – 72” x 84” (comes as 2 pieces, so it may be split if desired)
  40. Adjustable Bed Base – Mattress Compatibility

    Our Leggett and Platt adjustable bed bases will work with any Cloud 9 Mattress. Although our 11 inch mattress will work with the adjustable base beds, we favor use of the thinner mattresses. With any adjustable bed base the mattress is subjected to tight bends, which results in higher stress in the mattress materials the thicker the mattress. Also thinner mattresses will better conform to the shape of the adjustable base. Our 8 inch thick mattresses are a typical standard, however for body weights of up to 180#, full comfort is provided with our 6 inch mattress. The closed cell structure of our foam mattress permits its use without bottoming out as would occur with open cell foam. Alternately, the Latex product also provides good comfort through all thicknesses.

  41. Adjustable Bed Base - Weight?

    The adjustable bed weights vary depending on model, but for larger sizes in the premium versions of the Leggett and Platt product line the product is quite heavy. For example the queen size of the premium product weighs 263 pounds. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you select our L&P White Glove Delivery option or arrange to have several workmen to unbox and assemble.

  42. Adjustable Bed Base – Foundation Required?

    No. Foundations and/or box springs do not work with adjustable bases because they do not bend. The L&P adjustable bed bases are designed to provide optimal support for your mattress without the need for a foundation or box spring, and can be adjusted to your height preference.

  43. Adjustable Bed Base – wall-hugging?

    Wall-hugging technology means that as the top of the bed is elevated, the bed surface shifts toward the head of the bed so that it remains next to the wall and you can still effectively access adjacent night stands

  44. Adjustable Bed Base – Warranty and Service?

    We have chosen Leggett and Platt adjustable beds for sale with Cloud 9 mattresses based on their quality. These products are made in the USA and L&P has excellent support and ready availability of replacement parts when and if they should be required. Feel free to contact us on any issue, or alternately you may contact them directly at 1 (800) 888-3078 (MON - FRI: 8am – 8pm EST, SAT: 8am – 3pm EST).

  45. Adjustable Bed Base – Delivery and Installation Options:

    Though Leggett and Platt we have a White Glove service that will deliver and setup you adjustable bed. We highly recommend this service especially on the larger size models, which due to heavy weight requires a team of people to position and aassemble the product. Optionally, you may chose to get some workers to assist in the setup, but the instructions need to be followed closely on the setup of the more advanced versions of the Adjustable Bed Bases.

  46. Adjustable Bed Base – Mattress Installation Included?

    If you are ordering a mattress and adjustable bed base from us with White Glove Installation on the Adjustable Bed Base, we will make sure that the mattress arrives prior to the delivery of the Adjustable Bed Base so that you can have a complete working unit when the Adjustable Bed Base is setup.

  47. Adjustable Bed Base – Delivery Scheduling?

    We ship our mattresses by UPS, and we provide updates by email and/or telephone on the delivery times. The Adjustable Bed Base delivery is by various common carriers other than UPS, and procedures for scheduling may vary from Carrier to Carrier, but you will be contacted to arrange a mutually convenient time for delivery.

  48. Adjustable Bed Base – Late Delivery?

    Our dispatcher will call you if our delivery team is running late and provide the option of rescheduling delivery for no additional fee. You will also have the option to cancel your order and will receive a full refund.

  49. Adjustable Bed Base – Options if Damaged at time of Receipt

    You can refuse to accept the base and receive a full refund. You can also accept the base, note the damage on the delivery ticket, and then contact us so we make arrangements to repair the base as soon as possible, for no charge.

  50. Adjustable Bed Base – Size Considerations

    Adjustable Bed Bases are relatively large. Please measure the widths of your doorways, hallways,stairwell, and areas requiring tight turns. If the dimensions are too narrow, we will return the base and mattress to our facility and provide a refund, less the delivery fee.